How to find the perfect t shirt!

T Shirts

We often get asked about the many different styles of T Shirts and how to find the perfect one for you – we currently have 30 different ones so you are spoilt for choice.  Since Marlo Brando wore one in the 1950’s in A Street Car Named Desire they have become staple of most wardrobes.  They came about at the turn of the last century and were initially undergarments before part of the US Military wear in the 1940’s.

Just as the styles vary so too does the spelling, they are T Shirts, Tee Shirts or simply a tee!

The first differentiation is the fabric – by enlarge Seasalt T Shirts are either 100% Organic Cotton or 96% Organic Cotton with a little bit of elastane.  So if you prefer a looser fitting style then we can narrow your choice down to those without the stretch.  Such as the Seasalt Treymane tee which comes in a variety of colours: Navy Blue, Rockpool or Silver. Personally I like them more fitted so always choose the ones with a little bit of stretch in which gives a bit of extra comfort such at the Seasalt Navy and White Striped (Breakwater Tee Shirt).

This season Mistral have also done some which are 100% Cotton and so a looser fit – the  Mistral Jaynia T Shirt comes in three lovely colourways, Sweet Pea, Tourmalene as well as basic white.  This particular top is very popular since it has some elastic gathering on the back for a flattering fit.

For ladies wanting to ‘hide their tummy’ then the Mudd and Water Organic Cotton ‘Another Dollar’ T shirts are ideal – they have flattering detailing at the top and are then loose gathered.

Sleeve length ……. this often leads to a lively debate with customers.  Cap sleeves are flattering – especially when the cap part is not particularly fitted. However we have found that the ones with a longer sleeve are a favourite with many of our customers.  The good news is that this Season Seasalt introduced the Treverry T shirt which has a longer sleeve – measuring 11.5 inches from the shoulder seam.  They have carried this length of sleeve in to the next season as well.  The Firewood Top is available in steel grey and seabeet green.

So as you can see there is lots to consider when buying the perfect T Shirt – if in doubt just pop into the shop and we will be happy to advise.