A Little Bit of Adini….

Adini has come to Keswick this Season with a flourish of beautiful tunics, dresses and coats.  And the easiest way to show them is care of Mambo No 5…..

1477480248_Helena_HSP4249Charcoal_1A little bit of Helena in my life
1477480401_Elda_Tunic_2_HSP6188WinterBerryA little bit of Elda by my side
1477480575_Claudia_2_SJ6192CharcoalA little bit of Cleo is all I need

A little bit of Lola is what I see



A little bit of Maxine in the sun
1476959713_BBW163RacingGreenA little bit of Aurora all night long
1477480437_Susannah_Tunic_-_VLP6137Black_1A little bit of Susannah here I am


outside-shop-croppedOne, two, three, four, five
Everybody in the car, so come on let’s ride
To Alexandra’s around in the court

Starting at the Bottom

The right underwear can make all the difference to how we feel.  We hope that wearing underwear that is ethically made can make you feel good from the bottom up!

img_0418We are now stockists for Unibu Underwear.  Shirley Crisp created Unibu to offer great fit and quality, from natural materials in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Unibu is made in Britain down to the last thread.  This means everything they design, dream, produce manufacture, sew, stitch and send on its way, is found in Britain and manufactured in British Factories.  img_0420They have sourced all the products’ components – that’s fabric, elastic, trims, labels, packaging and more entirely in Britain.  Whether the challenge facing them was perfecting the special mix of natural materials ensuring their complete satisfaction or reinforcing their ‘Best of British’ vision:  they have focused on creating a range of underwear that is unique as you.

We have knickers in black and white in three styles:- shorts, hipsters and full briefs.

We hope that one of the styles will suit and from the bottom up you can be proud to be British.

Sock it to ’em

The old sock has quite a poor image, the present that nobody really wants to receive.  The sock is the stocking filler, the thank you gift for looking after the cat/dog/goldfish, the gift for the new daughter’s boyfriend.  The token gift for that birthday we feel has to be acknowledged. But, it is an item of clothing that we all need, but don’t really wants to purchase, as we we would rather be spending our hard earned pennies on something a bit more exciting.

Our suppliers are trying to ‘reinvent’ the sock! boxed-socks-2They are producing socks in organic cotton and bamboo, so that the sock are comfortable and hard wearing. Their designs are quirky and exciting.  We have socks in boxes and also in packs, you can by them by the pair or in a multi buy.  We even sell solemate socks that aren’t even a pair!

Seasalt and Braintree have a great range of boxed socks.  squirrel-socks-reducedBraintree has socks that are raining Cats and dogs, squirrels looking in the trees and amongst the leaves for acorns, flowers and soft pinks and greys in patterns for work. moritz-sports-bamboo-socks-gift-box-reduced

For the men, Braintree has all the hobbies covered with the fitness man box, with cycling, golf, cricket and football, andarrington-birds-bamboo-socks-gift-box-reduced packs for the bird watcher.  For the stylish man about town, they are socks to match a very famous ‘snack named’ jumper in triangles of red blue and yellow.  box-o-socks-mens-skidden-mixAnd,  following in their traditional feel of the sea, Seasalt have their Sailor socks in boxes, one for each day of the week.

There are white clouds on a blue sky orsalvador-cloud-bamboo-socks-rose-side-reduced even more worrying, white clouds on a caramel coloured sky, stripes and pink monkeys, sausage dogs and seagulls, anchors and sailing boats, 1473862911_blue_sheepsheep and bicycles, flowers and strawberries. In all colours of the rainbow and more.

1473701732_carnation_officialFor the rebel out there, we also have the Solmate socks, they are sold as a pair, but aren’t a matching pair, same colours, similar design, but just not a  pair!

So, Let’s stand up for the Sock, and sock it to ’em with a really creative pair this Winter.


Blue and Green

‘Blue and green should never be seen, or should they? Do the traditional rules of dressing still apply?’