Robell Trousers for Spring Summer now in stock (including Short leg!)

This week we took a big delivery of the amazing Robell trousers.  For those of you who have not yet tried them they come in three styles, The Marie, our most popular, the Jacklyn and the Sahra.  All  beautifully tailored to give a classically elegant look.  These are really a smart pair of casual trousers.  Made with 5% Bengaline stretch this range of trousers are made for comfort and are ideal for traveling.

The classic Robell Marie style is in stock in regular (31″) and short leg (29″).  These trousers have the false fly, 2 darts to the front,Robell Trousers for Spring Summer now in stock (including Short leg!) a back seam and a split cuff finish at the bottom. Easy to wear as they have an elasticated waist band.  Within the  delivery  as well as the usual black and navy,  Robell Trousers for Spring Summer now in stock (including Short leg!)there is also available for this Spring/Summer Season, Magenta, Caramel and Silver.  We also have in the Marie style theRobell Trousers for Spring Summer now in stock (including Short leg!) ‘power stretch’ denim in dark navy blue, black and white which will be great for holidays and when the weather does get a little warmer!

The Robell Jacklyn is a slightly more Robell Trousers for Spring Summer now in stock (including Short leg!)formal pair of trousers, still with the elasticated waist band and the false fly, these trousers have two false pockets to the front, as opposed to the darts as on the Marie, they are also classified by Robell as a slim fit leg but there isn’t a back seam to the leg or a split cuff on the leg hem.  In stock we have brown, beige, black, navy and grey.

The Robell Sahra range is more traditional pair of trousers with a front fly zip, but with elastication on the two sides of the waist band.  The waist band has belt loops so a belt can be added. There are two zip pockets to the front and again this comes in a slim leg.  These are available in three lengths Short 29″,  Regular leg 31″ and Long leg 33″ and in five colours, black, blue, grey, brown and beige.


All Change

The New Year has come and we are well into January and all those changes we were going to make have probably all gone by the board.  The usual things that we hope we can achieve such as going to lose weight, give up smoking, going to start running, go to the Gym etc etc.

But it is good to see that somethings do not change – though they do!  We have in stock a wide variety of changing tops from Seasalt.   Seasalt every season design reversible tops and skirts.  Not only are these items of clothing versatile, but also practical.  If you spill your ice cream down your front, all you need do is turn your top inside out and you have a clean top (be sure to wipe the ice cream off first though).

All ChangeWe have two Penmere tops in stock, the Penmere Top, Triple Pool Marine, a deep blue with, on one side, a row of dots alternating in pale blue and pink and, on the other, stripes of thick blue with two thin stripes in pink and pale blue.  All ChangeThe second is the Penmere Top, Triple Minnow, a soft blue, almost green with dots of yellow and grey and reversed becomes a thick blue stripe with two narrow stripes of yellow and grey.   All the Penmere tops have a pocket detail, it looks like two pockets, but is actually one pocket per side! Plus the sleeves are that little bit longer so that they can either be rolled up to show the contrasting pattern or can be rolled down to keep your hands warm on a chilly day!

All Change All ChangeThere is also the Warwick Top – Rope Whirl Night, this is slightly longer than the Penmere top and the bottom is curved on the hem.  This comes with a nautical themed pattern on one side of curled ropes and a thin blue grey stripe on the other.

We may not always be able to change our habits around but, at least we can be rest assured, we can always change one of these tops around!

Bye Bye Plastic Bag

Since the introduction of the 5p charge for a plastic carrier in the UK in October 2015 the number of bags used has dropped by 85%!  Supermarkets in the first six months charged for 500 million carriers as opposed to giving away 7 billion!  Where do these bags end up – in the ocean, destroying our environment and our wildlife.  Since the introduction of the charge, charities have benefited from donations of over £29 million from the big retailers.

At Alexandra’s we have always been concerned about the environment – we try to use only paper carriers to help the environment, but when we have one of our ‘typical’ cute-jute-naive-leaf-cobbleLake District Days, items purchased will be put into a plastic bag!

We have noticed a drop in the demand for our carrier bags – many customers now use their own bags especially for smaller items such as our socks and other accessories. cute-jute-newlyn-flower-ecru

Since opening in May 2010 we have stocked the seasalt range of Jute Bags.  cute-jute-veg-plot-squashThey are available in three styles – the cute Jute, as  indicated by the name, a small but practical cute-jute-leaf-collage-ironjute ideal for carrying packed lunches to work or even as a handbag.  The Jute Shopper, jute-shopper-shipping-forecastwhich can be worn on the shoulder and the
big-jute-spot-flowerBig Jute.  All these bags are made from 100% jute and the handles from 100% cotton.

jute-shopper-leafs-lines-fishscaleThey come in a variety of designs and bright colours.   big-jute-oyster-dredgerThere are the traditional Seasalt Sea themed bags, bags with flowers, jute-shopper-glaze-spotspatterns, as well as Seasonal jute-shopper-all-the-presentsBags.

Whatever you are looking for there must be one that suits.

We have looked at other suppliers of Jute Bags but find that the seasalt ones are the most hard wearing but more importantly have rounded rather than flat handles (we found that the flat handles can ‘dig into your hand’ when using them for heavy shopping)

The charge for a plastic carrier only applies to those stores with over 250 employees. Alexandra’s of Keswick is an independent retailer and has only four staff so does not have to charge the 5p for a carrier.

Why not make a New Years resolution to further reduce your use of plastic carrier bags while looking totally stylish with a coloured seasalt jute bag – guaranteed to cheer up any winter day!big-jute-growan-deep-sea