It’s a Fashion Revolution!

23rd – 29th April 2018

Fashion Revolution Week


Fashion Revolution started immediately as a result of the collapse of the Rana Plaza Building on 23rd April 2013.  This tragic accident killed 1138 garment workers and injured 2500.  With  the majority of the factory workers being women, producing garments for approximately 27 global brands, a long overdue shake up of the fashion industry was needed.

Fashion Revolution is now a global movement covering everyone who works in the industry from the designers, brands, retailers, even down to those students looking to make a career in fashion.  It campaigns for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain by bringing everyone together from the cotton farmer to the consumer – which is all of us, as well calling for sustainability and ethics. The movement stresses that it wants to avoid negative protesting but because they are lovers of fashion they are about being bold and provocative.

Every year around 24th April Fashion Revolution encourage all of us to make a fashion statement by holding an event such as a discussion, film screenings, fashion shows etc to call attention to the people who supply us with the shirt on our back and how it got there.

It's a Fashion Revolution!One way to get involved, and drive for a positive change within the fashion industry, is to ask brands and retailers via email, twitter and instagram using the hash tag #whomademyclothes (who made my clothes). They are then called to answer #imadeyourclothes (I made your clothes).It's a Fashion Revolution!

Our fashion statement within Alexandra’s Of Keswick is ‘We believe clothing should be ethical, sustainable, organic, thoughtful and stylish’.  This is highlighted in the brands that we sell  …

Nomads  promise  We believe that Fair Trade is the only way to trade.

Thought Clothing  On their label you will find the slogan Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass me On!

Solmate socks they are eco friendly made from re-cycled cotton.

Lily & Me use a factory in Nepal which they then support making sure that their employees are paid a living wage, health benefits, paid holidays and the working environment is extended to include the families with education and recreation.

Armed Angels state that they have nothing to hide and aim to produce high quality fashion but with the aim to create a new standard with the highest respect for humans and nature.



Please join us for Fashion Revolution week on Wednesday 25th April at the Braithwaite Institute at 7pm in aid of Amy’s Care



Fashion Show – Wednesday April 25th

On Wednesday 25th April we are hosting a Charity Fashion Show in aid of Amy’s Care.

Amy’s Care is our supported charity for the year – it is based in Ireby and provides day care and respite for those living with dementia.

The show is at the Braithwaite Institute – just alongside the A66 and starts at 7pm.

Tickets cost £6 (available from the shop)  and include a complementary glass of wine.

Fashion Show - Wednesday April 25th