Vegan Clothing

We just love the style of the thought range of clothing – they are a true environmentally conscious company which are champions of sustainable fashion.

Many of their clothes are now ‘vegan friendly’ i.e. animal friendly clothing.  Thought  use certified organic cottons and environmentally friendly bamboo fabrics!

Please click here to find our range of vegan clothing from thought clothing.

Their rainwear is totally waterproof (I have tested mine in Keswick rain which is a good test!!) and is made from fully certified organic cotton or recycled polyester and none of the trims are made from animal products.

Afterall ‘fashion shouldn’t cost the earth’


What Is Tencel?

Tencel is a trade marked brand name for a fibre also known as lyocell.

This beautiful silky sustainable fabric is produced from wood cellulose and starts life as a slow growing tree such as the eucalyptus or beech tree. These trees are grown in plantations and on land that is unsuitable for agriculture or irrigation. No rain forests are destroyed and no pesticides or harsh chemicals are used on these tree farms within the manufacturing of Tencel. The Tencel supply chain is also transparent. This makes it one of the most ethically produced and environmentally friendly semi-synthetic fabrics and its practice has earned these farms that produce Tencel a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification.


What Is Tencel?


Once the trees are harvested the wood goes through quite a rigorous process before it becomes a soft and comfortable fabric. It is first chipped then pulped then dried into sheets which are broken up and dissolved in a non toxic chemical solution. This process does not require bleach and the solution can be recycled and this processing method, of manufacturing fabric, was awarded the “European Award for the Environment” by the European Union. This then turns into a viscous before being dried into the lyocell fibres strands ready to be combed, spun into yarn and woven into fabric.

Tencel is a lovely soft and absorbent fabric that drapes beautifully, it is strong when wet or dry which means it is great to launder and shouldn’t need any ironing (HOORAH). It also blends very well with other natural fabrics such as cotton and wool and lends its super qualities to these fabrics.


What Is Tencel?

Our lovely Thought range prides itself on being ethically conscious and thoughtful about the environment, they will only use sustainable fabrics and consistently produce irresistible garments made from tencel in every new collection. We are currently selling, in our shop and on line at Alexandra’s of Keswick, the Coralium Top and the Primavera Top which are two unique Summer tops both made from tencel which are both soft to the touch  while being cheerfully rich in pattern and colour!

What Is Tencel?

What Is Tencel?


It’s a Fashion Revolution!

23rd – 29th April 2018

Fashion Revolution Week


Fashion Revolution started immediately as a result of the collapse of the Rana Plaza Building on 23rd April 2013.  This tragic accident killed 1138 garment workers and injured 2500.  With  the majority of the factory workers being women, producing garments for approximately 27 global brands, a long overdue shake up of the fashion industry was needed.

Fashion Revolution is now a global movement covering everyone who works in the industry from the designers, brands, retailers, even down to those students looking to make a career in fashion.  It campaigns for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain by bringing everyone together from the cotton farmer to the consumer – which is all of us, as well calling for sustainability and ethics. The movement stresses that it wants to avoid negative protesting but because they are lovers of fashion they are about being bold and provocative.

Every year around 24th April Fashion Revolution encourage all of us to make a fashion statement by holding an event such as a discussion, film screenings, fashion shows etc to call attention to the people who supply us with the shirt on our back and how it got there.

It's a Fashion Revolution!One way to get involved, and drive for a positive change within the fashion industry, is to ask brands and retailers via email, twitter and instagram using the hash tag #whomademyclothes (who made my clothes). They are then called to answer #imadeyourclothes (I made your clothes).It's a Fashion Revolution!

Our fashion statement within Alexandra’s Of Keswick is ‘We believe clothing should be ethical, sustainable, organic, thoughtful and stylish’.  This is highlighted in the brands that we sell  …

Nomads  promise  We believe that Fair Trade is the only way to trade.

Thought Clothing  On their label you will find the slogan Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass me On!

Solmate socks they are eco friendly made from re-cycled cotton.

Lily & Me use a factory in Nepal which they then support making sure that their employees are paid a living wage, health benefits, paid holidays and the working environment is extended to include the families with education and recreation.

Armed Angels state that they have nothing to hide and aim to produce high quality fashion but with the aim to create a new standard with the highest respect for humans and nature.



Please join us for Fashion Revolution week on Wednesday 25th April at the Braithwaite Institute at 7pm in aid of Amy’s Care



New In – Armedangels

This season we are proud to be stocking Armedangels.   This is a lovely quality brand from a totally eco friendly brand.  They believe that ‘fairness is never out of fashion’.

Like us, they love beautiful, organic and fair products. With a great team it’s their mission to combine fair working conditions and sustainable, high quality materials with beautiful design. Instead of chasing the latest trends they focus on modern, contemporary collections. Fair Fashion instead of Fast Fashion.

We love their fresh take on striped tops and the fact that many of the t shirts have a decent sleeve length!  Our particular favourite is the Calle Striped top which has elbow length sleeves, it is two fine layers of organic cotton and the inside layer is ‘spotty’ which provides a stunning contrast on the hem of the sleeve.New In - Armedangels


Their attention to details is great such as the bow detailing to their darja bow t shirt which comes in three colours – navy blue and white, pale blue and white and red and white stripes.

New In - ArmedangelsNew In - Armedangels


As most of you know we do try and source our clothes carefully and are conscious of the environmental impact – all of the armedangels packaging is totally recycled which is great!   We also love their attention to detail – even their little care labels are made from recycled polyester.  And each garment has a swing tag providing detail on where the garment was made and how it was produced.


Oh! I do like to be beside the Sea….

Summer is coming and the call of the sea is strong in Alexandra’s as we have taken delivery of our new Summer stock.

Seasalt has swept in with clothing based on their love of the sea and Cornwall, and this year have reached out across the Channel to include our cousins in Brittany, with many designs based on the Breton Countryside.  We are dressing it up this summer with a host of lovely dresses from seasalt.  It is hard to pick a favourite as they are all stunning in one way or another, so I have chosen three for today.  For everyday wear there is the  Seasalt Oh! I do like to be beside the Sea....Riviera Dress II Corde Fleur Cobalt, with capped sleeves, in a soft jersey, this dress falls to just below the knee.  Then there is the  Seasalt Golden Sands Dress in Oh! I do like to be beside the Sea....Indigo Dye which is also in soft jersey, but has the appearance of denim and is slightly shorter.  For a hot summer’s day we have the sleeveless  Seasalt Gylly Dress I Pont Aven Pansy Ecru, as suggested by the name, a pretty pansy print in pale blue, navy blue and ecru with daubs of brick red and mustard to add that je ne sais quoi to this beautiful dress.  Oh! I do like to be beside the Sea....It has a scooped neckline and the bodice ‘tucks’ into the waist band which is fitted and the skirt then falls from the waistband  in pleats to just below the knee And what has this to do with the sea?  Gylly refers to Gylly Beach near Falmouth!

From the Mistral collection there is the Mistral Beach Strip Dress, Insignia Blue Multi.  Oh! I do like to be beside the Sea....This easy to wear jersey cotton dress,   falls to just below the knee and has a crazy pattern of stripes, dots, dashes, pebbles, and if you look closely,  .. Beach Huts!  And what could be better on  a lovely day by the sea, but an ice cream, and Oh! I do like to be beside the Sea....Mistral have supplied this in the Mistral Reversible Ice Cream Skirt. One one side there is a ice cream cone pattern on a soft green background and on the other, a soft pink background with a ‘spirograph’ type pattern in pinks and blues.

Thought Clothing close our seaside theme with the  Thought Voyage de Jeanne Skirt.  Oh! I do like to be beside the Sea....An ecru background is decorated with tall ships, maps and a sailor figure, which is Jeanne Baret dressed as a man.  During the mid 18th Century she was the first woman to circumnavigate the globe but had to go disguised as a man.  An expert botanist, she worked along side Philibert Commerson cataloguing the plants and flowers that they discovered. The skirt is also decorated with beautiful line drawings of the some of the plants that they discovered.  To add a bit of dash to this skirt it has a stunning floral pattern of a plant in green and fuchsia pink. Possibly, the Bougainvillea plant that was named after the Captain of her ship.

So …..  just let me be beside the seaside
I’ll be beside myself with glee
For there’s lots of  clothes for me to buy
Beside the seaside! Beside the sea!