Parlez vouz Francais?

Bonjour mes amies et Bonne Voyage!

Bienvenue a France!

We have boarded the Channel Ferry and are crossing ‘La Manche’ to France. On route we have seen the Seasalt St Erth Tunic Poisson Lugger plus we have been able to watch the Seasalt Folly Cove Dress Race Day Fathom, with the Seasalt Lottie Dress Tacking Boats Marine and the Seasalt Carnmoggas Washed Boats Lugger criss-crossing in front of us.  In the distance behind us we can see rows of Lily & Me Beach Cafe Dresses with customers watching, like us, the Race Day.  We all hold our breath as the Seasalt Chalet Dress Block Sails capsizes in front us and we all see the Rudder appear above the waves.

We land in Brittany and our Seasalt Sailor T-shirt Breton Ecru Flint make us feel at home and we are pleased that we have also packed our Seasalt Sailor Shirt Breton Ecru Azurit.  We get out the map and plan our trip.  Will we have time to see all these wonderful sights?  We will get to see Concarneau Skirt Race Day Fathom and the Gylly Dress I Pont Aven Pansy Ecru?

Along the way we can look at all the different flowers or fleurs that are growing in the fields.  We shall be able to see the Seasalt Merthern Dress Anglais Fleur Marine and the Seasalt Lopthorne Corde Fleur Night as well as the Seasalt Pendower Cove Top Stamp Fleur Salt  and the Seasalt Duchy Wharf Tunic Jolie Fleurs Cobble.

If we are lucky we may even meet up with our Seasalt Cousin Jinny Top Petit Flower Marine.

Don’t worry if you have missed the boat/ferry/lugger all these sights can be found courtesy of Alexandra’s of Keswick …… Where else?


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